A great deal of excitementRequirements1 and a sense of accomplishment comes with extinguishing a structure fire, extricating a trapped patient from their vehicle, or saving a life. The satisfaction, camaraderie, and experience received from the fire and rescue service is often beyond description. However, this business is not for everyone. Firefighters need courage, dedication, assertiveness, and above all a desire to help others in need. Firefighters perform strenuous work that tests their abilities in uncertain and often hazardous situations.Requirements3 REQUIREMENTS

Men and women age 18 and older who are United States citizens or legal residents, are in good physical condition, possess a clean criminal record, live in the Lawrence School District, and have the desire to serve as firefighters are eligible for membership.  Volunteer firefighters in the Inwood Fire Department have many opportunities for training and advancement. Whether your dream is to be fire chief or you would be happy being a basic firefighter, we have a place for you. Your advancement is only limited by the level of certification, training, and experience you wish to obtain.

Those persons who do not have the desire to participate in emergency activities as firefighters, or who cannot meet the physical requirements, are encouraged to consider becoming an emergency medical technician.


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