benefitsLOSAP – Length of Service Award Program:  Each year, volunteers amass service points based on their level of participation.  At age 65, volunteers will collect $30 per month for each year of service that 50 service points are attained.  Members may elect to collect a lump sum amount at age 65 or receive a monthly pay out.  In order to qualify, one must become vested by attaining 50 service points in the Inwood Fire Department for at least 5 years.  However, merely obtaining 50 service points does not entitle you to continued membership.  Your level of participation must satisfy the minimum requirements of the organization as per the Department’s by-laws.

Volunteers receive tax benefits, college tuition assistance, and discounts for admission to certain town and county-run parks and for recreational activities such as ice-skating and swimming.

All active volunteer members are eligible for weekly payments, medical, and hospital care furnished during periods of disability resulting from “line of duty” injuries suffered as a volunteer firefighter.  Surviving spouses receive a death benefit of $50,000 and may be eligible for other state and federal awards.

The Inwood Fire District offers members Group Term Life Insurance which provides active members (up to age 64) with protection up to $30,000.