Commitment Required

The decision Commitment-Chief-Marino-Inwoodto serve as an unpaid volunteer firefighter with the Inwood Fire Department is a serious one and should not be made quickly. This page will provide you with the information needed to help you make this decision. Once you understand what is involved, we hope you will find that you are able to dedicate the time required of you to successfully contribute to the safety of the community and its citizens. You will find that participation as a volunteer firefighter with the Inwood Fire Department will be unlike any experience you have had or will ever have.

New members shall be appointed for at least two (2) years of probation during which time the member is obligated to successfully complete introductory training at Nassau County’s Fire Service Academy located in Bethpage, Long Island.  The training is comprised of classroom study as well as hands-on instruction.  Candidates are tested at the end of each course.  Simultaneously, you will be expected to attend trainings and drills at the firehouse for a three-hour period each Sunday as well as other times coordinated in advance by Department officers.  During these Sunday “fire schools” you will gain experience operating and maintaining tools and apparatus as well as receive instruction regarding fire tactics and operations.

New members with less than five years in the Department must attain the following attendance percentages:  25% of total annual alarms as well as 75% of schools, drills, and details. Should you have any more questions, please use the form below to contact us or send us an email to